Exemplary messages of Jakob Lorber’s New Revelation

A translation of the complete web page requires a valid edition of the writing of Lorber that has not been modified from its original. Versions of the New Revelation of Jakob Lorber, which are for purchase, have been changed and censored by the Lorber publishing company.[1] Since the first edition was only printed in German, the following analysis is limited to some exemplary contents and quotes. You can find the complete argumentation with all its quotations and sources in the German section of this web page.

The criticism of the contents of Lorber’s writing mostly address his claim to be directly dictated by God, to be pure, perfect and infallible. The New Revelation claims to be superior to the Bible and to replace it. New Revelation claims to be the returning Christ and the last judge over all mankind.[2]

Some statements seem to be incompatible with the love of God and His truth, i.e.:

  • Rape or adultery is not a sin against chastity as long as it is about fathering a child.[3]
  • Marital sex is an assault against chastity if it gives pleasure to the woman.[3]
  • As a child Jesus cursed another child to become crippled because it disturbed his play.[4]
Lorber writes

»A Jew is completely a pig in the way he is now created; even his outside appearance testifies to everyone to what category of animals his race belongs. A Jew generally looks like a pig and stinks like a pig…«[5][6]
(Earth (Earth and Moon), chapter 74 verses 9-11, first edition)

He writes:

»Chastise your children when they laugh; rather hear them cry than laugh. For laughter springs from hell.«[4]
(The Great Gospel of John, book 1, chapter 169, verse 18)

Other statements seem to be incompatible with God’s attribute of being all knowing, i.e.:

  • A hole with a 180 mile large opening functions as a mouth and reaches from the North Pole through the center of the earth to the South Pole (anus). In another section of the writing this hole is described as only 20-30 miles.[7]
  • The earth is turning because her defecations are being disposed through an intestine in the form of a snail.[7]
  • The North Pole and South Pole cannot be reached by mankind.[7]
  • Birds fly similar to a gas balloon with the help of hydrogen.[8]
  • The planet Mars has no moons.[9]
  • The front of the moon consists of a foam like material.[9]
  • On the back of the moon, people, plants and animals are living (including water animals, moon sheep and birds). There are rivers and lakes and when the snow melts the moon floods.[9]
Lastly, you can see the changes and partially applied censorship of Lorber’s writings-which he supposedly received from God-as an attempt of the Lorber publishing company to cover up weaknesses and contradictions within the New Revelation (i.e. in the writing “Earth and Moon” eleven continuous chapters were left out compared to its german first edition. Nevertheless the readers are reassured in the preface of chapter six that the contents are complete.)[1]

By means of these few quoted passages of the New Revelation it seems doubtful whether this new revelation truly lives up to its claims to be directly dictated by God, to be superior to the Bible, to be pure, perfect and infallible. The majority of Christians believes the return of Christ to be quite different.

The “evangelische Zentralstelle für Weltanschauungfragen” (protestant central office for questions about ideologies, the office for questions about cults) discusses in its writings psychological factors as a means to explain the New Revelation. Along with other authors, Antoinette Stetter-Schaer has been quoted in those writings. In her dissertation she diagnoses a chronic paranoid schizophrenia (ICD-10: F 20.0) with manic depressive components and a pre-psychotic, insecure, fearful and neurotic personality that is craving admiration –an interpretation that seems plausible if you look at the biography as well as at the writings of Lorber.[10]